Thursday, September 6, 2012

I know that I’ve totally neglected this blog. Again. But here I am. Again.

          Hellllooooo potatoes. I'm going to see you in my belly.

Im trying to get inspired to change up my go-to recipe routine (rut) now that school is back in session. SooooIm going to try one new recipe every week. Anyone want to join in with me? Anyone? Im going to choose one of these yummo recipes that I found on Pinterest (which are conveniently located on my Veggie-licious board.

Or you Mr. Seafood Superfood salad of some sort.

And if it ever decides to become Fall in Atlanta, I'll choose you Mr. Ravioli and Veggie Soup. 

Do you gals have any yummy new recipes to share? Please do. Pretty please?

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